Deet Cam Pic

Deet Cam Pic
Wood's Plot - Not much left

Friday, May 21, 2010

New Crops

May 16th
Planted more crops as follows
75% of corn - in rows
10# Coopers Wet summer mix with 10# sunflower in second bsin feild near corn plantings
Birdfoot T. in wet area next to that - Should have planted 2 weeks eairly due to 125 maturity but...
Planted rest of Wet Area Summer mix in wide strip in New field - Wet but not bad -

Planted blueberry plants
Planted pumpkin, (2 types) and water melon in tire along with some flowers.

Corn planted 2 weeks before did not germinate - Suspect Ground too cold Hit low of 20 seek before
Lots of clover were did not spray round up and suprising amount were did - Possible last years seeds
and or grouwth was under grass that was killed
Alfalpha growing good - grass died with use of arrest but may need bradleaf herbicide
Definatly need broadleaf in woods food plot -
Bear on deer cam -
Does on deer cam - no sign of Bucks
Alfafa higher in control (fenced area) - but not in wet fields
Lots of brosing of clover in deeer cam

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May 5th
Fabricated a spring tooth Harrow to attach to King Kutter Disk - 2 tines - Hopefully this will break grass clumps
Need to get Birds foot planted - 125 day maturity - And plant 1/2 crop - Rest last weekend May -June 1st
Middle section of big wet field to be clover path - Not sure if will spray arrect or not. Maybe and plant sweet grass
But can do this in June -
Put up 2 controls - Fence circles to monitor growth where deer can't eat - Whitetail INstiture Clover present but still not growing hardy yet due to cold
May 2010
Return 2 weeks later - Disappointed grass growing in all fields but were sprayed this year - Lots
Staked out sections of BIg wet field to plant in setions
Sprayed with round up -
PLanted 120 feet of Tuckers OP Corn
DIsc fields again - ON field with Grass - Did not effect enough - Draged Fence to level a little
April 2010
Dry year - Still wet in wet lands
Killed Grass in Basin area - prep for sweet grass
Sprayed Arrest on Last years Alfalfa
Disc most fields - Only 4 year old fields look good
Used old section of dog kennel fece to drag old fields - Worked good - Look sweet

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter Crops

Biologic Trophy Oats (45 lb.) - Plants 1/3 Acre $40 Cold tolerant

Possible MIxes

Cooper's Summer Wet Area Mix
Ideal For Summer Wet Areas. Ideal for deer, turkey, quail, dove, and duck. Buy 50 lbs. for only $79.95This is the best you can buy. It has a full 10 lbs of aeschynomene in it along with tyrome forage soybeans, buckwheat and japanese millet.

30% Forage Soybeans
30% Buckwheat
20% Aeschynomene
20% Japanese Millet

50# = $80 plants one acre

Sweet Grass amd Clover

Sweet Spot Northern Mix
High Sugar Grass Mix for Irresistible Food PlotsComposition 27% AberAvon HSG Perennial Ryegrass 27% AberDart HSG Perennial Ryegrass 14% Winter White Clover 14% Tolten Medium Red Clover 8% San Gabriel Birdsfoot Trefoil 5% Purple Top Turnips 5% Six Point Chicory Planting InformationPlanting rate: 15 lbs. / half acreProduct packaged in 15 lb. bagsSoil PH: 5.5-8.5Cold tolerances: Zones 4- 7 find your zoneIn climate zones lover than 4, may not overwinter. Persistence can be greatly increased if plants are insulated by a snow cover.Heat tolerances: Zones 4- 7 find your zoneIn climate zones higher than 7, portions of the mixmay perform as an annual. It may also be necessary to use Pasture Sweetner in the early fall.Benefits:
Increases animal mass and rack size
Animals are naturally attracted to high sugar grasses
Environmentally friendly:
24% less feed nitrogen lost in urine and fecesWhat the experts are sayingAccording to certified wildlife biologist and deer expert Kent Kammermeyer, "as a deer mix, Sweet Spot™ with its clover, chicory and high quality grass is as good as it gets. The protein levels are high and so are the digestibility and total palatability. The high digestibility rate is important because it ensures the deer is utilizing needed protein and nutrients instead of high fiber content of forages which pass through the animal with reduced benefit." High Sugar Grasses work especially well for deer with their complex 4-stomach digestive system, aiding in protein absorption. According to Kent, "This mix also works as an all-around blend, benefiting and attracting wild turkeys, wild hogs and rabbits." 15# for a 1/2 acre =$40 to $70

Durana Clover Seed - 10 LBSDurana is one of the new varieties released by Pennington Seed that has both yield increases and provides longer lived more persistent stands. Expect this clover to live several years longer than other older types in similar climatic conditions. Very expensive 5-8# per acre 10# = $87